East and West -A comparison of mythologies

Wild comparison











    Hindu epics/mythology Greek mythology  
    Ramayanam and Bharatham       Homer’s Iliad        
  Bhishma – a character blessed with no defeat Achilles – a character blessed with a boon ” born only to WIN “  
  Ramayanam fought for Sita who was stolen by Ravana – A war fought to regain one’s wife Trojan war fought only to get back Helen , wife of Menelaus , stolen by Paris of Troy  
  Duryodhan bestowed with an immortal body except for thighs by his mother thru Power of EYES Achilles – his body was immortalised by his mother dipping him in river Styx and burning his mortal organs by fire and applying ambrosia through out his body – except for his feet which his mother had to hold while dipping in river  
  Duryodhan was killed only after beaten at his weak point – thighs – point of vulnerability Achilles was killed only after striking at his heel , his weak point – point of vulnerability  
  Lord Rama could not have won Ravana without the help of Hanuman Achilles – without him , Troy would not have fallen  
  One belief is that what Ravana had taken was a fake Sita to Lanka – she was safe somewhere One belief is that what Paris had taken was a fake Helen to Troy – she was safe somewhere in Egypt till Trojan war was over  
  Pandavas were born thru Little Gods like Indra , Sun etc Helen was born thru Zeus , same as little God as in Hindu mythology  
  Lanka was set afire in this war by Hanuman Troy was sent to flames by Greeks  
    Draupathi, wife of Pandavas had in possession of fabled bowl – Akshaya pathram – which could feed with food whenever asked for – during their exile of 12 years in forests Agamemnon had the support of Little Gods who could raise food, water from the earth to the soldiers who fought the war that had lasted for 12 years  

B G Venkatesh


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