The Science of Enlightenment and Immortality

The Science of Enlightenment and Immortality – excerpts from Book  R Kuppusamy – Salem
** According to Allopathic medical science, if one stops breathing for more than 2.5 mins, oxygen supply needed by the brain cells will be cut off and death follows instantly

** Immortal breathing or Inner breathing – Inspiration

This breathing circulates inside the body and has no contact with atmospheric air – this is a secret technique beyond the understanding of modern science

** All 100 trillion cells in human body are organic in quality – their life cycle is ONE week
Next level – brain cells whose life time is 1.5 – 2 yrs
Above them in longevity are the optic nerves and other light – identifying cells in the brain – They are almost immortal already – they never die – So , a part of human body is already immortal

This process has to be speeded up consciously by man

** Light of Soul should be brought out and focussed upon all the five sheaths /bodies transforming them into spiritual entities like JChrist

** There is no choice in the state of ” Total freedom ” – for you become ONE with the COSMOS

** First step in real spirituality
When the impure mind is cleansed of all dross, mental health is never lost, same way, physical impure body is cleansed off all impurities , it attains a state of Pure body, incorruptible body of flesh.

** The human stomach is the noblest atomic reactor ever created – it not only creates energy out of food, but also sublimates inorganic matter into organic matter and bio energy

** If you take into yr body a food that starts decaying immediately, it corrupts yr body and body starts decaying
Hence man should not eat for taste, not even for nutrition , but only for longevity

All foods are combination of nectar and poison

** The pit of stomach will be filled up permanently only when there is not even an iota of excretory, waste matter . Then the body starts producing its own food , nectar

The nectar called Kanji vellam – produced by pineal gland in the brain – one drop of this , say siddhas, is enough food for 12 yrs – its so highly concentrated in energy

By this , sleep and its off spring death will be conquered for ever

** Eat less of food – that too veggie food initially – finally do away with the food totally

** I have some other food you don’t know – the water of Life

** The human body should become real temple where there are no toilets – Gods are supposed to eat only the essences of food – the spirit of it only

** The purer the oxygen the more potent and more energising is its quality – man can produce the required heat himself by his pranayama and concentration- By closing his eyes and focusing inwards and upwards upon the Ajna chakra where the pineal gland is situated , they can produce the reqd heat for cooking spiritual food needed for growth and development of spiritual child at sahasrara chakra at the crown of the head

Lord Muruga will be born at 1000 petalled flower on the brain – as the spiritual child grows by the spiritual food produced in the body, the transformation of physical body into a resurrected and spiritual body begins – the time reqd is 12 yrs

** With pure water , pure air and eyesight focussed inside , man’s seed sprouts into tree of life and develops into a spiritual tree
** Kanji vellam – the spiritual gravel secreted by brain into the throat by uvula , the small tongue

Who ever takes this fruit and water of life becomes immortal

** Jesus Christ
Unless you are twice born , you cant enter into the kingdom of Heaven
Unless you are born again of spirit ( CP/CB ) , you cant enter into the kingdom of Heaven
Become Eunuchs inorder to enter into the kingdom of Heaven
** Ajna chakra is the place where resurrection takes place – this is the gate way to the kingdom of heaven , the chidambaram where Lord Nataraja is eternally dancing who converts matter into spirit – thats the meaning of the word creation

This place is the ideal place of Jerusalem with 12 gates

** If you want to enter into the kingdom of Heaven, you must get and breathe this spiritual air – chit prana – cosmic breath – cosmic prana – this is the ultimate secret of ” Siva Raja Yogam ”

** The suspension of outer breath is called Yoga

** By concentrating his consciousness and eyesight ( fire ) , on the region of third eye, man combines water from the roots called semen and inspiration ( CP/CB ) thru the subtle door at the spiritual centre of the head, the pineal gland he cooks the sp food

Sp food will trickle down the throat and transform his physical body to sp body

** Triple deathless body
Pure body – suddha seham
Pure body getting transformed to space body or chidambaram – Pranava deham
Space body is getting converted to Sadasivam – form and formlessness – Gnana deham

** Love is the only antidote to entropy – with compassion , bone will melt and turn into light and physical body resurrected

** Vaasi Yogam – man must transcend the process of outer breathing and attain the level of inner breathing or CP – learn to master ” Gathi ” – you can master your Vithi – yr destiny

** Sri Auro and Mother – had mistrust of body transformation of tamil siddhas held them down from attaining body transformation
BG Venkatesh

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