Opening the third EYE – Process mapping

Opening the third EYE – Process mapping to Atman – soul

1 Confluence of two sacred feet on forehead

2 Ascension of eyeball to forehead and merger with sacred feet

3.Release of subtle lights of Yin and Yan by eyeballs – experienced as Voilet light on forehead

4 . Confluence of subtle 5 natures elements at a single point

5. Because of the above experience , mind and eyes stilling

6. Rise of moolagni – the sacred fire
7 Rise of sacred natham
8. Annihilation of mind because of the rise of natham

Sublimation of semen
9. By the power of sathanaas, conversion of semen to light state

10. Ascension ot semen to forehead by the power of sathanaas

11. Semen sublimation by moolagni ,,the sacred fire

12 . Rise of Vasi in suzhimunai

13. Semen combining with vasi

14. Ascension of semen + vasi thru suzhimunai nadi to brahmarandhra

15. Opening of Brahmarandhra – third eye

16. Because of heat of moolagni , all veils , karma , maya burnt

17. Vision of Atman – soul – 1008 petal lotus ( name of this blog ) and mounam – silence

BG Venkatesh

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