Religions and Processes are Universal – Part 2

Religions and Processes are Universal – Part 2

1 ThiruNeeru – Holy Ash

Hinduism – INDIA :
Saivism , theres a practice to apply sacred ash on forehead drawing from left to right – but this has great esoteric meaning inside

Vaishnavites : draw a vertical line on foreheads white in color which too has great esoteric meaning insideand big secrets contained with in.

Christianity : these two lines of Hinduism are combined to form the Holy Cross

2 Manifestation of Atman :
Isha Dhyana Lingam :
If one observes the construction of this yoga centre, it is like a cave with a narrow entrance and a big lingam is placed at the centre with kundalini around

This is nothing but the manifestation of Atman – but what Sathguru Jakki has done is : instead of placing LIGHT ( by vallalar way ) , has placed LINGAM ( by thirumoolar way ) – Atman – sivalingam

In reality also, Atman is inside a cave like structure which is what depicted externally

In the film ALibaba and 40 thieves ( MGR version of tamil ), MGR would go to a cave in a forest and utter a secret word , then immediately the door will open and on entering , he would find riches

This cave is also the place of Third EYe and Atman / Soul , it is covered with a door , inside which there are virtuous riches ( valai kumari as said by siththars )

3 Hinduism :
Sri Rangam is an island where Lord Rangan is places surrounded by waters

Dhyana Lingam : Lingam is surrounded by waters

Golden Temple : Amritsar

The shrine is surrounded by waters

In reality also, the actual place where GOD is surrounded by waters – Jalmandalam , hence all religions and realised saints depicting to the world exactly the same way – its the external manifestation of the internal nature

Great men think alike – but we with poor or utter no knowledge abt the truth comment on them

4 Hinduism :

Dwarake : the place of God
Dwara – the hole / aperture

Sikhism :
Guruthwara – the place of God or temple
Dwara – the hole / aperture
Guru – light
God as light is inside the aperture

In reality, God’s location is inside the hole , hence named so, what a commonality ???

5 Hinduism : theres a common practice to utter gods name when we sneeze like Rama , Krishna etc

Christianity : Bible says thus : Utter Gods name when you sneeze
The reason being , the hole opens for a while , when we sneeze

6. Hinduism :
A Kalpa Vriksha -the sacred tree which gives whatever asked for

Christianity :
Bible says thus : Ask – it shall be given

B. Hinduism :
Gateway to Heaven will open if we knock this door/aperture

Christianity :
Bible says thus : Knock – it shall open

7 Love :

A. Hinduism :
In general it is thought and believed as what we show to others as love , but the reality is

Wife – lust
Fellow beings – jeevakarunyam
Nation – patriotism
Family – duty
Friends – friendship

But the real love = desirelessness “, which, when imposed upon God, in turn bestows his Grace light on our atman /soul

This is the meaning of real Love which all religions have been emphasising all along the ages

B. Christianity : same as Hinduism

C. Islam : same as Hinduism

Above are the few examples quoted to substantiate and drive home the point – Religions are Universal
Now , fellow sanmargis , tell me where religions are faltering ???

Religions are universal in nature – so are the processes to reach the Unmanifested are also universal – it will not vary from one country/ region to other

ONE SUN  to whole world – ONE process to reach atman

BG Venkatesh

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