How MNCs are fooling Indians ???

How MNCs are fooling Indians

This article follows MP Shashi Tharoor’s speech at Oxford on British colonial rule  demanding reparations from GB

When East India Company came to India and saw , they gaped and yawned us at our cultural richness, life style,. Education , knowledge and everything

Then Macaulay ( father of present useless education system in India , ) is said and believed to have told Britain if we want to colonise India and be victorious in it , we have to change her education and life style and infuse our way of education , knowledge and make them believe ours is great and english is better than theirs

And they were highly successful in it

One example to bring home my point

Earlier times , our forefathers used to brush their teeth with charcoal powder mixed with salt

When EIC  invaded India , laughed at us looking at this great sight and activity and made a mockery still you are using this charcoal powder ??

Then they introduced toothpastes with pepper mint etc

After 400 yrs , now all tooth paste companies and famous FMCG MNCs are introducing tooth pastes with “ ACTIVE salt “ and “ brushes made of carbon bristles “ for effective and complete dental care “

It seems now only they have been enlightened that carbon is the best filtering agent avl and started using them in their products

We Indians were using them centuries before knowing its value

This is how India was degraded of her cultural richness and knowledge by the west and exploited severely for centuries

BG Venkatesh



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