Vallalar’s mystical end

Vallalar said ” Now I am in this body – in future I shall enter in all the bodies ”

Poeple cant understand this statement

the real meaning behind the above statement is that vallalars light body got transfigured into grace atoms with the help of grace light and was dispersed thru out the universe which mingled with all the matters and bodies even in jadams also

this is the real meaning of attaining grace body and gnana thekam

but the fact is no sanmargi will accept the above statement becoz  they are of diff opinion which is not matching with this

If first Asian vallalar conference speaks about the sathanas and ways and means to attain triple deathless bodies it will be well and good – on the contrary if they present as though through  compassion, dayavu, daeiou, poor feeding  – choru poduthal,   vallalar achieved all these feat – needless to say abt the quality of seminar

BG Venkatesh




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