Stages of evolution to APJ – II

Stages of evolution  to APJ Andavar – II

Step 1 : Impure Jeevan psyche, after removal of lower green veil becoming mythological Ram  – one becomes PURUSHOTHAMAN

Step 2.  – level of ATMAN – soul -all veils burnt and vision of soul – Level of mythological Lord KRISHNA

Step 3 –  Imprints of Grace on the soul and the soul getting coming to the level of saththininpaatham  and getting all siththis and powers and knowing the deathless life and triple deathless bodies

Step 4 : Soul becoming SIVAM AND APJ

To achieve the above end one has to do

1 Penance ( thavam ) not thyanam meditation keeping  the eyes opened

2. use thiruvadi – sacred feet of the lord  in the penance

3. catch hold of thiruvadi which will lead him to thiruchirrambalam and get all siththis and triple deathless bodies

BG Venkatesh



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