Vallalars yoga for triple deathless bodies

whats vallalars yoga for triple deathless bodies ??

Every body will say no yoga in vallalars way – he practiced dhayavu – jeevakarunyam which fetched him triple deathless bodies

Some say vallalars way of yoga is entirely different which nobody had ever practiced before like vasi yoga, kundalini yoga and siva yogam etc

whats the truth ??

The truth is that vallalars yoga is composite yoga encompassing vasi , kundalini , siva yogam etc for

1 without VASI , one cant swim and reach the crest ( suzhimunai )
2 without removing kundalini blocking the tip of the crest ( suzhimunai ) , one cant have the vision of ATMAN and SOUL

3 without practicing SIva Yogam , one cant enter into Thiruchirrambalam and further into the GnanaPeruveli and so on

This composite Yoga fetched him crores of siththis , Grace ( ARUL ) and triple deathless bodies

BG Venkatesh

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