Sathguru Jakki – Adhi Yogi

Sathguru Jakki – Adhi Yogi

I have regards , respect and reverence to him

Hes a stuffed person and brainy person

He has required knowledge to be a spiritual person and fit to guide others as a Guru

Adding to this , when he unveiled the statue of ” Adhi Yogi ” at his yoga centre with his eyes ” half opened and half closed ” , he further climbed high in my opinion and rules high in my heart

This is how the real sathanas will be and should be

He has repliied to a query on this as : After much contemplative thinking , I have made it as this – ” half opened and half closed ”

Hes exactly right

I am not aware whether he does his own practice like this nor he teaches his studdents like this – yet that s correct method of practice

BG Venkatesh

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