How to detox yr body ??

How to detox yr body ??

why this ?? why at all??

Our house , when not swept daily becomes unbearable for us – hence we sweep daily and weekly once/ twice mop and maintain cleanliness

Becoz – garbage and waste matter keep on accumulating in our body – over a period of time – body cant withstand and hence develops fever ( heat ) to destroy waste

This is auto detoxification

In India , upper caste people- Brahmins fast to cleanse their bodies – they perform this ritual every month to cleanse

They fast on Amavasya day to cleanse – they are aware of the sc fact that digestive system not at its full potency on this day

This is One of the many ways of int cleaning – this cleans all int organs and body refreshes itself

Theres yet another which world is not aware of and hitherto heard of

This is Yogic cleaning – which happens automatically
How is that ??

This process uses EYES in meditation to cleanse the entire human body

when eyes are conjuncted in meditation practice , it cleanses the entire system which will be exhibited thru vision to sathaka /practitioner of what s happening inside the human body

This is also ” Auto Cleaning ”

I had seen my body cleaning shown in vision – cleaning of lungs / heart/ wind pipe /intestines etc thru cloth and saliva etc

I use my eye balls in meditation

This is rare phenomenon happening inside the human body in cleaning

This is far far superior method of cleaning than first one of fasting

BG Badhey Venkatesh


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