Definition of ” Arutperunjothi “

Definition of ” Arutperunjothi ”

This is not a single word
This is made of 3 words – and also built in 3 stages /levels

1 Jothi
2 PerunjOthi – Vast Light
3 Vast Grace Light – ” Arutperunjothi ”

1 Jothi – Light in EYES – Psyche Light Jeeva Oli

when this light ascends to brows centre and conjuncts Sun moon and Agni at this point – it becomes
PerunjOthi – Vast Light

when this further ascends to 10 th aperture suzhimunai – and by the sublimation of semen it pours grace upon sathak hence it becomes Vast Grace Light – ” Arutperunjothi ”

This is the process and defintion of Arutperunjothi ”


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