Brahmacharya – Celibacy – 12 years WHY ??

Brahmacharya – Celibacy – 12 years WHY ??


This adopts Lunar cycle  not SOLAR


Its said that a yoga practitioner should adopt celibacy for 12 years or so ?


Reason behind this 12 ??


Observing lunar cycle –

From NEW MOON ( Amavasya )  to FULL MOON ( Pournami ) – it takes 15 days and 16 th day it sparkles with its FULL BLOOM


FULL Moon formation is formed thru accumulation of Sublimated Semen on fore head in 3 ventricle –  Semen cup – Bowl of Nectar


First 3 days – the development of moon is not visible to our eyes

Hence they are deleted from calculation

Remaining 12 days , it grows each day and on 16 th day its COMPLETE and FULL

Development of  Moon  every day refers to accumulation of Semen on forehead




This 12 days  is made 12 long , long years


This is just a number to show that so much time and hard work required to have the VISION of SELF Brahman Atman


Actually it varies with individuals acc to karma ,  marurity ,  sathanaaas Grace of God  et al


Its  not a joke or easy buy


He who forms FULL MOON   on his Fore Head

Shall be YOUTH forever

No becoming Senile

Old Age Diseases Will not set in

No Wrinkles – Shrinks on skin faces


That’s Why KumbhMela in Ganga  is held once in 12years in INDIA

It refers to Bowl of Nectar –  Amrith getting filled after 12 yrs of practice and flowing – descending down to the human body  – that is Ganga river



BG Venkatesh


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