Limitations of Science

Limitations of Science

1. Science may make you a Super Power Nation, a Super Man , a Hi Tech man .But can not make you kind enough to be Humane. A Samaritan.
Becoz Science does not know how to effect these massive Transformation upon humans.

All the developments have so far turned this planet to worst place to live.

Only Yoga can turn a man to Humane , Gem among Humans thru character re organisation .

2. DNA Hybridization : Science boasts as though this break through, can produce better off springs.
Yes of course with desired skill n intelligence n competence . But can’t erase of already present bad n unwanted characters like arrogance,hate, lust, greed and make real Human.

This is possible thru Semen Sublimation which science is not aware of and trails behind Spirituality by Light years.

This is the Greatness of Spirituality n Limitation of Science.

BG Venkatesh

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