What happened to Vallalar ?? Vallalars Grand finale :

What happened to Vallalar ?? Vallalars Grand finale :

Every one is wondering and quizzing what happened to swami on his last day 30.1.1874

Every one is aware that he went in seclusion and locked himself inside a room asking not to open for some time – even if people were to open and see and check it will remain blank and Lord APJ will not betray him
These were some of the final words uttered by him

Every is one imagining to his own capability and creativity and unleashing all sorts like
1 he merged with God
He just dissolved into eternal space
He merged with jothi and became jothi

Now also many believe that Swami was burnt alive by religious people with camphor as he was against religious and rituals etc

To allay all those misapprehensions , this article is posted .

APJ and Deathless Body – 2 vol written by Shri TR Thulasi Ram,  in which a vision ( not a dream ) by Shri Gangadhara swamigal explains clearly what happened to vallalars body after he locked himself in the room

Mr Gangadharan says that he got that vision after several yrs of swamis dematerialisation ( think its after 75 – 100 yrs ) lasting for abt 4 hrs in the very early hrs of morning around 2.30 AM onwards

Mr Gangadharan is a resident devotee of Sri Aurobindo and Mother , Pondy and Shri TRT is a also the same and has authored several books

He says thus : Swami sat on a wooden plank , and a light descended from the heavens and burnt his body completely and was converted into atoms and was dispersed thro out the space.

Normally, when an object is burnt , it emits out a burning smell , but in this case, even when his body was burnt , it emitted out a very good fragrance

Request the readers to read the book to know the further details on the vision abt swamis dematerialisation

I Read that book abt 10 yrs before and have lost that book and not available in shops even

Theres a room to believe the words of Sri Gangadharan because , what he had seen was “ vision “ not dream

Usually, dreams are the outcome and magix of mind , but vision is from the third eye – hence it can t and wont go wrong

I believe firmly thats what could have happened and the finale of Vallalar – not anything else

BG Venkatesh


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