“ VAJRA  –  Diamond Body “    – Equating Indian and Greek Mythology

“ VAJRA  –  Diamond Body “    – Equating Indian and Greek Mythology


India :


Kanthari gifting her Power of Penance ( thru Eyes ) to her son Duryodhana , converts his body to VAJRA –  indestructible


This is the Power of Semen and Energy ( saved )   exhibited to the world that its capable of converting this physical body to indestructible thru any weapon

Greek mythology :

Greek Ace warrior Achilees

His body too very strong excepting for his feet

He is killed by an arrow shot at his feet in Trojan War

How his body made so ??

His mother when he was born – dipped his whole body in River Styx , mythological river which converts his body into VAJRA body and indestructible

Since she was holding his both feet , that could not be immersed – hence they alone become  weak and his weak point is his feet

Hence the weak point of a person is termed popularly Achillees Heel

Both Indian and Greek mythologies referring to the same point of body conversion to Vajra


Its wonder na ??

Which is the source for the other ??

Which is the parent and first ??


BG Venkatesh



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